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The Folsom Taekwondo Center Difference!

At Folsom Family Taekwondo Center you won't get an average martial arts training experience. We work very hard to provide high quality martial arts programs based on the Kukkiwon Academy training curriculum and instruction system, with strict adherance to Kukkiwon testing requirements. Folsom Family Taekwondo Center has the largest martial arts staff in the area, with over 200 years of combined martial arts experience between our staff members! We also offer the best student to instructor ratios in the business, giving our students a much better learning environment. Give us a try, you won't be disappointed!

Our Commitment


Folsom Family Taekwondo Center is owned and operated by Grand Master Jack Corrie who is an 9th degree Black Belt. Because of Grand Master Corrie's firm belief that Taekwondo is a product of our training, he has worked tirelessly to promote and pursue the very best training practices in Taekwondo today. As a result, he is committed to provide the finest martial arts programs available anywhere at an affordable price to the families our studio serves! The end result of this commitment is that we produce martial artists that are nationally recognized, with accredited ranking certification both nationally and internationally. Our Black Belts are also ranked and recognized through the Korean Kukkiwon. 

Choosing a Martial Arts School


The decision to enroll your child and/or yourself in a school of martial arts represents both an investment of time and money. However, choosing the right school is not always easy as there are many factors that one must consider. As you choose a Taekwondo studio, one of the most important factors is that it is a school that is certified by the Korean Kukkiwon. By following the Kukkiwon standards and their teaching system, it allows us to  certify that as the student moves through the ranks, that the belt levels they achieve are recognized. There are many martial arts "mills" that turn out students and hand them black belts, but the belts would not be recognized outside of that specific studio. As a Kukkiwon school, we are not only certified, but our instructors are certified and re-certified every 2 years. Kukkiwon rank is the most sought after Taekwondo rank in the world, and is considered the gold star standard amongst the Taekwondo community. Students with Kukkiwon rank are recognized world-wide and are look on with great respect by the Taekwondo community.

Enrolling in Classes


Enrolling in classes is easy at Folsom Family Taekwondo Center! We offer many class options that fit with almost anyone's schedule.  If you are interested in enrolling in classes on a full time basis, or are interested in trying Taekwondo on a trial basis, we offer opportunities for both.  Please see our class schedule under the "SCHEDULE" tab for class times. We offer classes for the following age groups:


Tiny Tigers (3-5 yrs)

Color Belt Students (6-12 yrs)

Teens (13-16 yrs)

Adults (16 and up)


Call us at: 916-983-1735

Thank you, Folsom Family Taekwondo!

Dear Everyone at Folsom Family Taekwondo,


Since I didn’t get a chance to say thank you to each of you before my kids’ last day, I wanted to take that opportunity now.  I am so grateful that we were lucky enough to find Folsom Family Taekwondo to provide taekwondo instruction for my kids.  I truly believe the instruction they received was world class and I appreciate everyone’s efforts to not only perfect their taekwondo techniques, but improve their moral character too.  I will miss our friends at your studio very much.  I do not know what the future will bring, but I hope it brings us back to you.



Kimberly Ryan

From a Students Perspective

Our students mean the world to us, and are a part of our Taekwondo family! We were touched to recieve this letter from one of our students who is about to go off to college in the Fall of 2015. He's been with us since he was 10 years old, and we wanted to share his story with you! There is nothing like receiving something like this from one of your students!


Thanks, Nick!

Pil Sung!



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